Limited Time Special Event

Watch Dr. Greg Bottaro's one-time special event Town Hall.

We have a BREAKING announcement to make regarding our future in mental health too big for a blog or video post.


CatholicPsych Institute TOWN HALL

After 10 years of working with clients, and building an Institute that operates with 12 therapists in 5 cities and online worldwide, I’ve come to a gut-wrenching conclusion:

Traditional psychotherapy is BROKEN.

There’s a missing piece in the way therapy is practiced that renders the model ineffective in its current format. While it’s helpful for some, it’s become blatantly obvious that it’s not as helpful as it could… and should… be.

Thank God, there’s a better way.

And we need it now more than ever. In the first-ever CatholicPsych Institute town hall meeting, I’m presenting never-before discussed insights and revealing the dramatic shift that CPI is undertaking as a result:

4 ways therapy can hurt people,

And how we avoid this kind of duplicity and misleading care of souls.

Learn how Coronavirus cured psychotherapy,

and the radical shift coming (even if it costs us our licenses).

Breaking News about the direction we're taking,

and why Catholic thought leaders have called this, "Game Changing."

After the presentation, I’ll make time to answer your questions.

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