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Watch Dr. Greg Bottaro's special event Town Hall.

We launched Mentorship a year ago, and have so much to share. One year later- DID IT WORK? What did we learn? How are we making it better? Space is limited and will be granted first come, first serve.


CatholicPsych Institute TOWN HALL

After 10 years of working with clients, and building an Institute that operates with 12 therapists in 5 cities and online worldwide, I’ve come to a gut-wrenching conclusion:

Traditional psychotherapy is BROKEN.

There’s a missing piece in the way therapy is practiced that renders the model ineffective in its current format. While it’s helpful for some, it’s become blatantly obvious that it’s not as helpful as it could… and should… be.

Thank God, there’s a better way.

And we need it now more than ever. In the first-ever CatholicPsych Institute town hall meeting, I’m presenting never-before discussed insights and revealing the dramatic shift that CPI is undertaking as a result:

4 ways therapy can hurt people,

And how we avoid this kind of duplicity and misleading care of souls.

Learn how Coronavirus cured psychotherapy,

and the radical shift coming (even if it costs us our licenses).

Breaking News about the direction we're taking,

and why Catholic thought leaders have called this, "Game Changing."

After the presentation, I’ll make time to answer your questions.

Did you know a national study found that 63% of patients in psychotherapy report disappointing results from their treatment, and over 80% reported recurring symptoms or difficulty after their therapy was stopped for 6 months?

Our results in the old model have been better than that, but not enough to keep trying to make the secular models work.

Christ revealed to us that we're made for relationship. Our model takes the psychological expertise that science has to offer, and unleashes its true potential within a Christian context of accompaniment.

Practically speaking, we'll set you up with a mentor that will help you work in your particular area of need. You'll fill out an in depth questionnaire and then talk further to create an individualized plan. You'll set up a private communication channel using an App called Voxer, which allows you to leave personal voice messages back and forth - with daily responses from your consultant (M-F).

We work with you on a daily basis. We bring the work of God in your life front and center, and allow psychological expertise to support the work, but we don't lean on our understanding alone.

Have you ever felt like the medical system is detached from the real lives of the people it's supposed to serve? 

It's time to let you in on a scary secret. It actually is.

There's not something wrong with you. You aren't just "uneducated" to "how it really works." The whole medical system is set up to run on a financial model dictated by insurance companies. We have all been trained to think that this is the only way it can work. 

It's not. 

There's something in this insurance-driven medical model that turns out to be the most important core principle of health. In a nutshell: Relationship.

We are made out of relationship (in the image of the Trinity) and we are made for relationship (to return to the Trinity). We are taught who we are in relationship, we are formed in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we are healed in relationship. 

Relationship happens by way of communication. We've discovered that since we are communicating every day, there is a lot more time and intention that goes into each moment of communication, and there are more frequent moments dispersed throughout the week.

Your mentor is joining you in your life and you are speaking deeply and intentionally about it together throughout the week.

This is an intensely personal and effective model for a therapeutic relationship.

These are all comments I regularly used to hear in therapy:

"There's so much to say, where do I even start?"

"I forgot what I wanted to tell you - it was something really important, but now I forgot it."

"I wish you could have been there..."

"How did we spend 30 minutes talking about this? That's not even what I need to talk about."

These are the kinds of sentiments you'll have when you try to fit a relationship into 45 minutes a week. It's not supposed to be like that.

With our model, you'll have daily 24/7 access to your mentor, who will work through issues with you one small bite at a time. This allows you to reach out anytime you have a thought, idea, or experience to share. You'll get responses within 24 hours, and still have some space to process - just not a whole week!

Instead of waiting a week until your next interaction, you can go back and forth many times in that same space of time.

Plus- you'll have all the responses recorded and stored. Gone are the days of forgetting that really important point your therapist made that you'll never be able to get back.

The old once-per-week model of psychotherapy required a good month or two to even build rapport, the first step of the therapeutic process. Sure, you should have a good feeling from the first conversation, but when you only meet for 45 minutes once per week, building any legitimate working relationship can take months.

When you can talk back and forth each day, you'll be off to a great start in a matter of weeks. In fact, we are so sure you'll love this new model, that if you use it for two weeks are don't think it's a good fit, we'll refund your first payment!

Instead of spending three months to figure out if it will work for you, you'll know in two weeks if this is a good fit. Moving forward, you decide for just one month at a time.

Payments are processed on the first of the month, and then you get to work without worrying about missing appointments, fitting in your schedule, or putting your busy life on hold. This model works with your actual human life.

The old model might seem more attractive with a weekly fee, but ends up costing much much more when you are spinning your wheels for months on end without knowing if you should hang in there or pull the plug.

Our monthly fee is broken down by the experience of your Mentor. You'll get the same resources in all of our packages, but the difference in the investment you make is based on the experience of your Mentor.

In the long run, you'll spend less money by working through your difficulties faster.

To work with one of our Training Directors is $2497/month.

To work with one of our Master Mentors is $1497/month.

To work with one of our Mentor Apprentices is $997/month. *Mentor Apprentices are directly under the supervision of the Training Team.


Yes! We are developing a training and credentialing program. 

If you are a student or professional in mental health, click here to sign up for more info.

Training Directors are our Mentors responsible for training the rest of the team. These are generally our doctoral level Psychologists but not necessarily. They have training in spiritual direction, can integrate more easily the wide spectrum of mental health issues with spiritual issues, and generally have more experience. 

Mentor Apprentices are under the training and supervision of a Training Director. If you work with an apprentice, his or her Training Director will also be involved with your work behind the scenes. 

Once a Mentor Apprentice satisfies a sufficient level of training and shows excellence in the accompaniment of those who come to us for help, they become Master Mentors. 

This is different from coaching because our Mentors are trained therapists. The person matters more than the modality. However the service we are offering is considered "mentorship" because it falls outside the scope of what most states define as "psychotherapy."

We are combining the expertise of training in the psychological sciences with the broader sphere of how people work together and gain help from one another in today's world. For some reason the regulated sphere of "psychotherapy" has not progressed in the same ways that other spheres of help have, such as executive coaching. 

We have integrated the benefits of the technology that coaches or other consultants use with the expertise of psychotherapeutic training. Now you can have both.

You have unlimited access to send a message whenever you want to your mentor, and your mentor will respond within 24 hours, M-F. In general, we ask that the total amount of message time in between mentor responses is limited to 15 minutes. This will give you and your mentor the best opportunity to attend to each other's messages.

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